brandi's candles


l 'air pur

Natural Soy | No Dye | No BTA

Soy wax burns clean, keeping chemicals from floating around in your air.  Also a highly renewable natural material.    

Non-Toxic Wicks

Made of cotton + paper core, no lead.


These custom scents are amazing on their own!

hand mix + pour

in Magnolia, Texas, USA

Questions + Concerns


please burn responsibly!

Burn within sight. 

Keep away from flammable objects. 

Keep away from children and pets.

Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.

Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface.

buy with pride

Supplied in the USA

There is great attention given to the ripple effect of your purchase!  You're not only supporting my small business, but those that I give business to.  I proudly do not import a single supply.  

The glass I use is made in to USA, and along with the wicks and wax, they are supplied by a company in Dallas. 

The fragrance oils are infused in North Carolina.  

Not all of the tins are made in the US (this is in progress), but all are supplied via a wonderful company based in Illinois. 

The whole is made up of the parts... we have a responsibility to each other as consumers, and we are stronger together.  Buy local, buy domestic.

helms design

hand-painted lid labeling by H E L M S Custom Home + Event Decor

instagram : @helmsdesign